Graduate photos... You may order and purchase your graduate's photos directly through SchoolCraft Studios. They will then be shipped directly to you. If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to them directly to assist you. Liz Tremain President SchoolCraft Studios 973-579-0005 ex 1005
6 months ago, Amy Librizzi
Frankford School Summer Office Hours: Monday : 8:00 - 4:00 Tues, Wed, Thursday: 8:00 - 3:30 Fridays: Closed
6 months ago, Braden Hirsch
When Alex held her first lemonade stand in 2004, it inspired thousands of people to continue her dream of curing children with cancer like her. On Thursday, we successfully raised $1,590.60. With that money, we are able to fund almost a week’s worth of cancer research.
6 months ago, Mrs. Klimas
ice cream truck surprise
A big THANK YOU to Wingle Supply for donating the pea gravel for our garden paths and the Frankford Township MUA for picking it up and delivering it for us. Managed to get it installed just in time for the last day of school.
6 months ago, Mr Reinertsen
Garden Paths
Garden paths
It’s all fun and games on the next to last day of school! Fifth-graders enjoying Giant Connect Four, Jenga, Spot It! and Shut the Box!
6 months ago, Jessica Storch
spot it
🤓What’s all the talk about? 🙌🧐 Our amazing FRANKFORDIAN newspapers, of course!!! Please don’t forget to check them out on our school website. Your kids might just be featured! Screenshots for ease of access are attached. 📰🗞Happy reading and happy summer! ☀️
6 months ago, Gloria Febres
Please see a message linked below from the Frankford Board of Education Communications Committee. Christopher Lessard School Business Administrator, Board Secretary
6 months ago, Christopher Lessard
The 5th grade artists celebrated the end of the school year by making explosive chalk paint! So much fun!
6 months ago, Kate Del Vecchio
5th art
5th art
Kindergarten Ice Cream Day! All of June we have been gathering each morning to read a book written by Mo Willems. Today Mrs. Agnor read us the book "Should I Share My Ice Cream?". The students all enjoyed ice cream and celebrated the end of the school year!
6 months ago, Tess McGuire
Kindergarteners eating ice cream
More field day fun!
6 months ago, Amy Librizzi
group of students playing games outside
group of students arm in arm
group of students lying in field
Field Day Fun! Off to a beautiful start!
6 months ago, Amy Librizzi
student showing off his arm
Our Frankford and High Point BOE working together and well represented at the NJ School Board’s Assoc. final in-person program of the year. The County Superintendent spoke on matters of safety & security for our school children and Educators. Something near and dear to our hearts and ever present on our minds as parents, community members, and school leaders.
6 months ago, Amy Librizzi
🎉Bravo! 👏🏼🎉 Celebrating an AMAZING group of dedicated, caring and talented student reporters! We are so proud of our Frankford Newspaper Club! 📰🗞
6 months ago, Gloria Febres
Amazing outdoor lessons continue with the floating classroom and river ecology!
6 months ago, Jessica Storch
Demonstrating the effect of pollution on the watershed, the floating classroom, a hike, Captain Ron and dad jokes….grade 5 is having an amazing field trip!
6 months ago, Jessica Storch
ADVEX crew posing with their hand made Arduino uno controlled fish feeder. We went right up to the last minute with the programming but it was a good design and learning challenge for everyone.
6 months ago, Mr Reinertsen
Home Made Fish Feeder
Home made fish feeder
For Parents/Guardians of Students with Food Allergies and/or health conditions requiring medically prescribed lunch modifications (i.e. Celiac disease, Lactose Intolerance, etc.) New School Year 2022-2023 Please review the following links annually, obtain MD orders, and complete, and send directly to Mashios: NOTE: Please notify School Nurse and Teacher (s) if your child has any food allergy/sensitivity. Also please email your School Nurse if your child DOES NOT require to sit at the allergy table in the cafeteria.
6 months ago, Katie Brady
The Frankford garden got a little face lift with the installation of raised beds and paths. This should hopefully make it easier for our special ed dept to take care of the garden over the summer. Plants waited a little longer than we would have liked before we got to plant them with all the improvements, so we'll see what we get this year. Big thank you to the 4th grade Advex group for helping with the planting yesterday.
6 months ago, Mr Reinertsen
Raised Bed Garden
Raised Bed Garden
Some fifth grade ELA students got to have a cross country ZOOM today with their California penpals. Pairs chatted face-to-face in breakout rooms and then came back together for a massive game of Blooket!
6 months ago, Jessica Storch
full group
FTS Great 8th Grade Food Truck Competition. 8th grade math students are working hard on creating their food trucks after completing the costing out of their menus. They will be calculating revenue and break even points as well. The competition is on. Check back to see who comes out on top!!
6 months ago, Cheryl Steiger
Chris works on his food truck
Kalie and Matt  working hard
Aiden has a plan in place
Grant works on his food truck