Mrs. Gardner’s 3rd graders loved our poster that said, “Be a Pineapple! Stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet!” They used it as scarecrow inspo! They took time to glue together a collage of yellows to make our class pineapple scarecrow!
2 days ago, Erin Gardner
Mrs. Gardner’s 3rd graders loved our poster that said “Be a Pineapple! Stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet!” They used it as scarecrow inspo!  Thank  They took time to glue together a collage of yellows to make our class pineapple scarecrow!
4th Graders had a special presentation about the Lenni Lenape by Kathy Cafasso.
2 days ago, Mrs. Emily Slota
Fun Logic Game
Learning about how the Lenape planted crops
The Three Sisters
6th graders hard at work on Shrek today!
5 days ago, Amy Librizzi
Having fun at Bulldog Book Club’s mini canvas paint and munch!
5 days ago, Jessica Storch
painting that sunset
paint and smiles
elephant silhouette
Girl's varsity and jv basketball sign ups for grades 6-8 are going on right now. Please see the nurse for the necessary paperwork and return the forms asap. See Mr. Kylish with any questions.
6 days ago, Amy Librizzi
4th graders Zooming with the author of I Survived The Great Chicago Fire Lauren Tarshis.
16 days ago, Mrs. Klimas
Zooming with author Lauren Tarshis
Fifth-grade Friday Fun time in Language Arts has these students laughing while playing Spot It! and Head Bands!
16 days ago, Jessica Storch
Spot It!
Head Bands
Spot It!
Head Bands
Please check the following link for a Welcome Back message from the Frankford Board of Education Communications Committee: (UPDATED LINK)
16 days ago, Christopher Lessard
Hydroponic and Aquaponic plants are off to a great start. The Frankford Technology Education and Family Consumer Science programs both have some healthy plants growing in the class grow towers or in the home made aquaponics system made by last years Tech students. The aquaponics are fertilized by our class fish shown in the pictures. Lettuce, tomatoes, kale, cucumbers, rainbow chard, basil, and even watermelon growing all winter long without soil.
17 days ago, Mr Reinertsen
Aquaponics system fertilized by fish.  Water circulated through pipes by a small pond pump.  Built by last years Technology Students
Lettuce is taking off nicely in the aquaponics setup
Beefsteak Tomatoes in the winter!
Not bad for a few weeks.  Thats a lot of lettuce
Great kick-off meeting! Frankford Newspaper Club laughing at funny headlines, learning about perspective and enjoying all things, black and white and “red” all over! Can’t wait for our Lady Bulldog field hockey members to join us soon!
18 days ago, Gloria Febres
Grade 5 science - balloon rockets are so much fun!
18 days ago, Jennifer Gray
5th Grade Science
Frankford Twp. Fire Department paid a visit to FTS today!
19 days ago, Mrs. Klimas
4th Grade Fire Prevention
4th Grade Fire Prevention
Technology Education STEM class creating bridges from pasta to study structure.
20 days ago, Mr Reinertsen
Final Assembly
Almost ready for testing
8th Grade students got to see a 1969 Pontiac GTO during a group research project on the 60’s. Thank you for the visit, Mr. Drew! #staygold
24 days ago, Jayme Wolff
Thank you, Mr. Drew!
Gavin and his uncle
awesome car!
pictures of the restoration
Bulldog Book Club enjoying a virtual safari, animal crackers, and ready to solve a pigpen cipher at our Book Reveal!
26 days ago, Jessica Storch
Book Club book reveal
FRANKFORD TOWNSHIP BOARD OF EDUCATION MEETING CHANGE NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the agenda for the Frankford Township Board of Education meeting originally scheduled for 6pm on Monday, September 27, 2021 has been modified. The board of education meeting will commence, as previously scheduled, in open session on Monday, September 27, 2021 at 6:00pm in the gymnasium at Frankford Twp. School located at 2 Pines Road, Branchville, NJ 07826. Following the opening of the meeting, candidates for the vacancy on the Board of Education will be provided an opportunity to deliver a brief public statement on their candidacy prior to board of education convening in executive session for further consideration, interviews and board deliberation to occur. Executive session is expected to conclude at or about 7:40pm, at which time the Board of Education will reconvene in public session for the public meeting agenda. Official action may be taken during the public session of the meeting and public is invited to attend Christopher Lessard Board Secretary
30 days ago, Christopher Lessard
8th grade rocking their artistic skills drawing their own huge maps of Latin America!
about 1 month ago, Gloria Febres
8th Grade students prep for The Outsiders unit with their 1960’s projects. From car shows to fashion shows and Greaser vs. Soc relays! #staygold
about 1 month ago, Jayme Wolff
Hippy style and Twiggy inspired looks
Looking groovy
6th graders are busting out their battle helmets for social studies!
about 1 month ago, Matthew Storch
6th grade battle helmets
battle helmets
battle helmets
Successful first week in 7th grade math!
about 1 month ago, Ms. Dorward
Success 🤓😊🤗
Almost there!!
Cups and strings team building - students use only their string which is attached to a rubber band to stack cups in a pyramid form.
“Instagram” bulletin board to show off team building and classroom agreements.