Charlotte Teira shared her story with peers in Mrs. Nunziato’s class
Today, a 12-year old girl stood in front of her teachers and peers to relate her deeply personal story about the dangers of the online world. The courage displayed by Charlotte Teira today rivaled that of any adult.  Her delivery was heartfelt and her connection to her peers was palpable. She took our breath away with her sincerity, bravery and heart. Students listened to each word she shared, on the edge of their seats, and then an amazing thing happened. One by one, the students started sharing stories that had happened with people they know. Charlotte’s only motivation to was to “help even just one student” avoid what she had experienced. One of her peers politely raised his hand and said, “this moment was the highlight of my day”. There’s no doubt that this brave girl has already achieved her goal, and has inspired many of us to think twice about what lurks behind our screens. If you would like read the full article that Charlotte wrote, you may do so in the latest volume of the Frankfordian, our school newspaper. Thank you, Charlotte, for generously sharing your story with us. We are grateful.  Your courage and wisdom will surely touch many lives.