Good morning, Parents and guardians.
I wanted to give you some detailed information regarding the final days of school and graduation. 

June 13th
-Closing of 4th quarter grades for grade 8 students

June 14 and 15 are FULL days.  
-Collection of Chromebooks, and chargers
-begin with on-site practice, yearbook signing, and activities

June 16 is a half-day
-Rehearsal at Fairgrounds

June 17 is a half-day (LAST DAY)
-Parent hosted BREAKFAST: Branchville Firehall 7:10 am-8:10 am
-Class Walk to School from breakfast  8:10
***Please stress the importance of being safe and using proper judgment should your child choose to walk to school. All walking students are expected in the building by 8:25 am.
-Last rehearsal at Fairgrounds

-Photos in the Richards building / Parking outside the Richards building  5:00-5:55 pm
-Graduation Ceremony 6 pm: Livestock Pavilion across from the Richards Building in the Fairgrounds
***If you need wheelchair-accessible seating, please reach out to Mrs. Reckovic so we can arrange for your space. reckovica@frankfordschool.org

Eleven more days and you'll have a graduate!