Preschool Registration

Frankford Township Preschool Registration is NOW CLOSED for the  2021/2022 SCHOOL YEAR!

 We will be offering two Preschool sessions this upcoming school year.  8:30am to 11:00am; or 12:15pm to 2:45pm; meeting 5 days per week, 2 ½ hours per session.  Transportation will not be provided.  The fee will be $2,500 for the school year payable to Frankford Township School in monthly installments of $250 each for a term of 10 months. Installment payments must be made in advance no later than the first of the month for the proceeding month. Payment can be made in cash or by personal check.  Please note:  The annual fee for this program takes into consideration all scheduled school closings as well as emergency closings i.e. snow days. This program was created to provide an inclusion opportunity for our Preschool Disabled class. We therefore have a limited number of seats available and may have to use a lottery system for selection

Any incoming Preschool student must be four years of age on or before October 1, 2021. Parent or guardian must furnish the child’s birth certificate, proof of residency in Frankford Township or the Borough of Branchville, and an updated immunization record. The school requires a complete physical examination, done by the child’s physician, before September of the new school year.  

 Please refer to our website for the registration packet: 

All packets should be submitted electronically to Mrs. Katie Brady at no later than May 21, 2021. You may also call ahead to the Elementary Office at 973-948-3727 extension 206 to make arrangements to drop off your completed registration packet. We will reach out to each registrant family as we move forward based on NJ Department of Health guidelines and the possibility of an in-person meeting with our Preschool teachers later this Spring.



Federal and State Legislation mandates this service be provided to Disabled Children ages 2 to 21. Frankford Township School offers services to disabled children ages 3 to 21 using a multidisciplinary approach. Children who are having significant difficulty in school may be referred to the Child Study Team by parents or appropriate school personnel. Children ages 3-5 who are experiencing a physical, sensory, emotional, communication, cognitive or social difficulty or a measurable developmental impairment may require special education and related services. The term Preschool Disabled means there is an identified, disabling condition and /or measurable developmental impairment that requires special education and related services.

If the parents are concerned about their child’s program, they should feel free to discuss a referral to the Child Study Team with their child’s teacher, guidance counselor, or administrator. The Frankford Township School Child Study Team can be contacted at 973-948-3727, ext. 205 for more information.