Remote learning grades 4-8

Parents and Guardians Grades 4 through 8,

Below is a video we pushed out to grade4 through 8 students regarding fully remote learning to begin Monday, November 30th. Please note the following adjustment to the schedule.

All students, regardless of cohort, will be expected to log in live to each class period every day for the check in. 

This will allow for the following:

-accurate attendance 


-time for questions to be answered 

-directions and expectations for ‘off’ cohort” students before releasing them for their independent work to practice the previous lesson's standards

-students may be asked to stay on a class any day of the week for the purposes of:

        *missed the previous lesson or struggled with the content and need it again

        *need some one on one time for help or make up work

        *for any special full class lessons, assessments, or activities

***Band, Chorus, DSP, and RTI students-let your teachers know when you have an appointment

Video to the students

Detailed Fully Remote Plan grades 4-8

Parents! We could use your help with the following:

  • Cameras on- Teaching to an avatar is challenging to say the least.

  • Get dressed please- We don’t care if it’s the same shirt every day, just have one on.

  • Designate a school space, besides their bed, that is distraction free.

  • Encourage your kids to check their Student Portal for the most accurate grades. 

  • Check period attendance in the portal to make sure your kids are attending all their classes.