drop offs

Drop offs and Pickups

  • Morning drops offs will be in two locations this year beginning at 8:20 am.

    • Elementary School  students will be dropped off at the Elementary Entrance(Horseshoe Driveway).  Staff members will direct the students into the building in order to maintain social distancing.  

    • If you have BOTH an Elementary School Student and a Middle Schooler they are to be dropped off together at the Elementary Entrance.

    • Middle Schoolers ONLY can be dropped off at the middle school entrance. Vehicles are to line up behind the buses beginning at 8:25am.  There will be staff members to accept your child.  If you get caught in between buses during line up, you are to stay put and depart with the buses as they begin to roll out ahead of you.  YOU ARE NOT TO GO AROUND ANY BUS WHEN STUDENTS ARE DEPARTING. We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we allow students to enter the building while practicing social distancing.

  • No students are to be dropped off and left unattended in the morning or enter the building before the buses.

  • Parents must remain in their vehicle when  dropping off their children. Please be patient with this process to make it smooth and safe for our students.

Afternoon Pick Up

  •  At 2:45pm the Elementary School will release the Elementary students that are being picked up with the exception of preschool which will begin a bit earlier at 2:40pm. 

  • As in the morning, parents are to pull into the Elementary Entrance Horseshoe driveway and park along the curb closest to the building.  As the children dismiss, parents may approach the entrance and your child will be released to you. We ask that you maintain social distancing by following the paw prints  and do not linger as we need to keep the traffic flow moving.

  • Any parent who also has Middle Schooler as well, will pick up BOTH the elementary student and the  middle school student at the elementary side. The Middle Schoolers without siblings in the elementary school  will be released AFTER the last bus has been loaded and departs.

    • 7th and 8th grade pickups will be in front of the  basketball court. (cones will mark for social distancing on the blacktop)

    • 6th grade pickups will be outside the middle school main office.

    • 5th grade pickups will be at the  exit by the curvy brick wall where the generator is located.

Any parents picking up their own children or the children of another parent, please send an email to the main office indicating the name(s) of the students, the adult party responsible for pickup, the days of the week and the duration of this arrangement.