• Welcome to Kindergarten!



    eggs on milkweed  

    Look closely at the milkweed leaves in the photograph.  What do you see?

    The Monarch butterflies are depositing their eggs on milkweed leaves.  What will happen next?

    I hope you can come to Orientation on August 29th.  We will read a book about the life cycle of a butterfly!

    female monarch



    mark  Mark your Calendars!


    August 29     Orientation

    September 6     First Day!

    September 11     Back to School Night (Pre-K-4)

    September 20     School Pictures





    Kindergarten homework is basically an optional opportunity.  On the back of the monthly calendar, there are suggestions for activities that reinforce or extend ideas we are exploring in the classroom.  The purpose of homework is threefold:

    • to develop personal responsibility for communication, execution, and completion of a task
    • to practice a new skill or to explore a new idea in an environment other than school
    • to connect home and school with common knowledge of content and competence

    The homework calendar provides a collection of activities connected to your child's school experience.  Doing the activities gives you a glimpse of your child's level of functioning.  The activities connect school experiences with real life experiences to enhance transfer of knowledge.  The weekly reading homework is "required." Otherwise, modify the suggestions to suit the needs of your child and family.  The homework calendar is meant to be a guide, not a burden. If the homework results in a product your child would like to bring to share, that is great, but it is not required.



      Helpful Hints for School

    • Involve children in the packing and unpacking of their things as much as possible.  Without awareness, they cannot become responsible.
    • We are active, inside and outside.  We have recess every day, and Physical Education on Fridays. (Children must wear sneakers to participate.)  We paint, we crawl, we climb.  Please guide your child to choose appropriate apparel for our busy days.
    • Plan to send, rather than buy lunch for the first couple weeks.  The cafeteria experience is stimulating, and familiar foods are comforting.
    • Although not essential at this point, it will be helpful when your child is able to remember and recognize his/her bus route number and student number. 
    • Contact me to discuss small problems before they escalate into real problems.  We may see the same child, but we may not see the same behaviors.  Communication is vital.

     Monarch Release 2018

     A MESSAGE FROM . . .

    The Monarchs have been busy in the classroom.  Chrysalis formation, butterfly emergence, and proboscis unfurling have all been witnessed by the children this week.  OK- not everyone saw the "tongue" unroll, but they claimed they did!  There are three more to emerge from the chrysalis, and one pokey caterpillar still munching the milkweed.  It is my hope that the children are sharing these stories with you.

    Check out the September Photos page for more pictures!