• Distinguished Scholars Program
    Welcome 6th graders, returning 7th and 8th graders!  This is an exciting year because our first group of students in the program, our pilot group, will graduate in June as Distinguished Scholars. I am extremely proud of these students for their dedication and hard work, and I look forward to another exhilarating and successful year. 
    The Distinguished Scholars Program is an enrichment program created specifically for our middle school students. All self-motivated students with a love for learning are invited to enroll during their 6th grade year. These individuals will challenge themselves by designing and developing their own unique projects while working with mentors to meet their objective. 
    • Complete 5 projects during the 3 year middle school timeframe (Each project will be formally presented using a slide show upon completion). 
    • Mentor a younger Distinguished Scholar during 8th grade year. 
    • Provide a Distinguished Scholar presentation during the 4th marking period of the 8th grade year to a review panel. This presentation will highlight the student's accomplishments throughout the course of the program. The review panel may include students, teachers, parents, Board of Education members, and administrators.
    • Maintain passing grades for all your academic courses. 


    for each project, students will complete a proposal and meet with Mrs. Culmone to design their own individualized action plan for their assignment. 

    Although students are expected to work on projects outside of school hours, study halls may be used to work on Distinguished Scholar projects. In addition, students may work with Mrs. Culmone before or after school with parent permission. 

    Upon completing all the above requirements, students will graduate 8th grade as Disinguished Scholars.

    Check out the Project tab for ideas!

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