• Frankford Township School District supports the efforts of non-affiliated, community-based not for profit organizations that provide healthy and supportive activities for our students and their families. All flyers uploaded on the Community Bulletin Board and/or distributed through our schools must be approved by the District Superintendent. All flyers must meet the following criteria:

    • The sponsoring organization must directly serve Frankford Township students and/or their families.
    • The sponsoring organization must be not for profit and the literature non-commercial.
    • The sponsoring organization's purpose and mission must be consistent with applicable school board policies.
    • Flyers distributed through our school must display the following text "This is an independent organization and not affiliated with the Frankford School District."
    • The sponsoring organization must first get approval to distribute from the District Superintendent.
    • Sponsoring organizations are not to distribute flyers directly to students and teachers nor are the flyers permitted to be posted in schools without prior approval. All flyers must be dropped off to the school office for distribution.
    • Sponsoring organizations are not permitted to use District supplies or copiers. Copying and sorting must be done by the sponsoring organization. It is recommended that organizations receive district approval for distribution before making copies. Contact the school office for the necessary information. School will not copy or sort flyers.
    • School will distribute approved flyers consistent with their internal practices and at a time of their earliest convenience. Please contact the school offices for more information and allow adequate time for distribution.

    Community organizations that want to post their information here can email a PDF version of their flyer for approval to bradyk@frankfordschool.org.