• Welcome to 7th grade! Hope everyone had a wonderful summer! :)

    In math this year, we will study from the Course 2 - Math in Focus: Singapore Math by Marshall Cavendish. Math in Focus is the world-class mathematics curriculum from Singapore adapted for the U.S. classroom.

    In our classroom, there will be many opportunities to excel as an individual and interact with your peers. Daily warm ups and do now’s will be followed by lessons, breakout activities, games, and collaborative assignments to make learning more fun! With a little hard work and focus, EVERYONE will have the opportunity to succeed.

    Please review the classroom syllabus as it is designed to inform you of your classroom responsibilities and my expectations.

    (This can be found on this website and in Google Classroom.)


    - Mrs. Goodyear


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  • Math Materials

    1. A three-ring binder with notebook paper
    2. 1 Pocket Folder
    3. Pencils
    4. A red pen (no blue or black) 
    5. A highlighter
    6. Textbook - given out on the first day
    7. Calculator - provided 
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  • Parents,

    We be using Clock Buddies as a way to quickly and easily pair students for activities. This is an excellent way to avoid students always collaborating with the same person for every partnered activity. When students need to work in pairs, I will say something like, “Get with your six o’clock buddies.”

    Please ask to see and review your child’s Clock Buddy chart that they will be using throughout the school year.

    Additionally, if you have any questions or concerns please email me.


    Mrs. Goodyear


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