Middle School Counseling Program and Services

  •  A. Services to students:

         •Individual counseling

         •Group counseling/guidance

         •Peer mediation/conflict resolution

         •8th Grade Community Service Coordination

         •"Period 10" Peer Tutoring program

         •Middle School Character Education program

         •Academic advising/monitoring 

    • Collaboration/communication with counselors/therapists



    B. Services to parents/guardians

         •Parent consultation

         •Community Resources


    C. Services to teachers, administrators, and other staff members

         •Staff consultation

         •Staff collaboration

         •Intervention & Referral Services (I&RS)

         •Section 504


    D. Services coordinated by counselor

         •Week of Respect

         •Community resources coordination

         •Anti-Bullying Specialist

         •Child Assault Prevention (CAP) coordination

         •Coordination with The Center for Prevention and Counseling

         •"Period 10" Peer Tutoring Program

         •High School scheduling and visits



    E. Program Leadership and Development

         •Program evaluation

         •Counselor professional development

         •Section 504

         •Articulation with High Schools