• Cognitive Skill Development

     Young children can become easily frustrated when they are unable to complete a task.  Often they ask for help the minute they are unable to do something.  Our task as parents, caregivers and teachers is to encourage them to try again before giving up. Offer strategies they might try or encourage them to work at it for a bit longer.  Children learn best by doing.  Far to often we rescue them and complete the task for them.  We really need to support the learning process with encouragement and helpful strategies.  The ability to keep trying with out help is a valuable skill.  Once a child has figured it out they will often repeat the task many times until they have perfected the new skill or task.  

    Create time and space for children to try with out help.  Communicate that it is okay not get it the first time and that trying again is important.  In the classroom we often tell the children that it is good for their brain.  That doing difficult things makes their brain grow.  Persistence is a characteristic that all students needs. Draw your child's attention to situations or tasks that require you to be persistent.  Modeling persistence will help your child develop persistence.


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