• school supplies


  • Wish List:

    Lysol Wipes

    Hand soap - the refill size is good too!


    Small Dixie Cups - for art projects 

    Brown Paper Bags (lunch bag size)

    Paper Plates (small/large)

  • Your child needs:

    1 1/2" soft cover/floppy binder 

    9" x 12" pocket folder - plain and sturdy (to store their writing/work in progress) 

    Art Smock (Old oversized t-shirt works best)

    Extra change of clothes (labeled in a ziplock bag)

    Lunch box

    Snack bag 

    I will be providing their homework folder. 

     All items should be labeled with your child's FIRST and LAST name! Thank you!

  • Thank you in advance for your support and help!