Reading and Spelling Instructions

    *Subject to change*

    Spelling and high frequency weekly words will come home on Friday.  Your child will be tested on all words on the following Friday unless there is a change of schedule.  Please refer to the following tips to help your child to be successful with both spelling and reading.

    Spelling Words
    1.  Spelling packs will come home on Fridays, or the first day of the school week.  You will find the word list and homework board in your child's BEE BOOK in the homework folder. 

    2.  Your child is responsible for completing the spelling homework board GRADUALLY throughout the entire week.   Please DO NOT allow your child to complete all of the assignments in one night.  Your child will NOT learn to spell the words if all of the homework and practice is completed in one night.

    3.  If your child is having difficulty mastering the spelling words, additional practice will be necessary.  If the assigned spelling homework does not seem to be enough practice, please have your child write the spelling words extra times.  Writing the words repeatedly is the best way to practice.  You can also use creative materials such as shaving cream, fun paper, or gel pens to make the spelling practice time exciting for your child.
    4.  All homework must be completed neatly in pencil on clean paper.  We will  supply your child with  paper if you need some.  If you find that you are in need of paper, please send a note to school with your child and we will be happy to supply paper.  If an artistic spelling project is assigned, your child's work should include good detail and color.
    5.  All spelling homework should come back to school in your child's BEE Book on Friday.
    6.  Spelling tests will always be administered on Fridays, unless otherwise noted due to holidays.  Your child WILL be required to take the spelling test as long as he/she have received the words by Tuesday.  Our spelling lists are posted here on the website and always accessible if your child is absent from school.  They are also in the back of your child's Bee Book!
    High Frequency Words (HF)
    1.  HF words will also be listed on your child's weekly word list.
    2.  These words are sight words, which means that most of them cannot be "sounded out" as they contain irregular phonics sounds.  Therefore, the only way for your child to learn them is to read them enough times to memorize them.
    3.  Your child should practice reading the words as much as possible throughout the entire week. It is extremely important that your child spend several minutes reviewing the words EVERY DAY!!!
    4.  Your child will read the words aloud to a teacher  on Fridays.  In order to receive credit for each word, your child will need to recognize the word automatically without hesitation.
    5.  As your child completes each week, please save the word lists as we will have periodic unit tests.  At that time, your child will be required to read all of the words from the most recent 4-6 weeks.  Notes will come home in advance to let you know when you should start thinking about upcoming unit tests.
    6.  Reading with your child should be done for at least 15 minutes each night. Reading nightly is vital for your child's growth this year.   Remember that it is important  for your child to practice both reading and listening.  Take turns reading to each other!
    7.  Decodable readers, or short stories appropriate for your child's reading level, will come home periodically throughout the week.  You will find these copied stories or small books in your child's BEE BOOK.  Your child should practice reading these stories aloud to as many people as possible.  They should be kept in the READING TREASURE BOX!

    We know that this seems like a lot at first!  Please know that these are all necessary steps in helping your child to be a more advanced and successful reader!  Feel free to send us a note or e-mail with any questions.  Happy practicing