First Grade Homework Helper

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     "Read, Review, Remember" page

    This page has several sections:

    *High Frequency Words - your child needs to read these with confidence.  These are words that cannot be sounded out. These words will appear in sentences and assessments your child will be asked to read.

    *Spelling Words- your child needs to know how to read and spell these words. 

    *Amazing Words- these are words to help expand and enrich your child’s vocabulary. If your child knows the other spelling words with confidence, then they may practice reading and writing sentences with some of these.  These words will not be on the test.  The other sections are to give you an idea of the skills we are working on that week. 

    First Grade Spelling Activity Board Tic-Tac-Toe! 

    This page has the spelling assignment choices for the week. This page needs to be returned with all of the work on Friday.  (A practice test might be a great idea on Thursdays.) They are welcome to do as many squares as they want.  Homework that is handed in will not be returned. 


    Weekly Skill Words- Very Valuable Pages!! 

    This list of the weekly words contains the phonics skills that we will be working on for the week. These words appear in the sentences and word lists that your child will be asked to read for assessment at the end of the week.  Read these words with your child as often as possible to have them become familiar with words with these patterns.   


    Monday - Thursday

    *Assorted reading materials such as decodable readers, leveled readers and advanced selection stories may come home. Read daily and store in the Treasure Box.  If they are a black and white photo copied booklet or page, they can stay at home.  (There will be times colored paperback books may come home, but they need to be returned to school.)


    *Math homework may also be sent home on various days during the week and should be returned the following day.



     Be ready for tests on Friday!!  A practice spelling test may be a great idea for Thursday night!