Visual and Performing Arts

  • Visual and performing arts are disciplines with creative, intellectual, perceptual, aesthetic, critical, and historical dimensions.  They encourage intuitive and emotional responses by developing a student’s abilities to create, analyze, recognize, and reorganize.  Throughout history, the arts have helped people understand themselves and others in historical, cultural, and aesthetic terms.  Experiences in the arts enable us to explore the past, communicate ideas, express feelings, and develop respect for the values, attitudes, and beliefs of others.

    An education in the arts is an essential part of the academic curriculum for the achievement of human, social, and economic growth.  The education of our students in the disciplines of dance, music, theater, and visual arts is critical to our success as we move further into the twenty-first century.  Our economic well-being and ability to compete and cooperate in the global marketplace require that our students learn to develop ideas, increase their ability to solve problems, and interact in partnerships—skills inherently learned through the arts.

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