• Food Science at Frankford School 
    The Frankford Township greenhouse will provide a source of food to table environment as students learn and understand where food comes from and how the local environment impacts foods nutrition and safety. 
    In Grade 5, students are provided with an understanding of nutritious food preparation and kitchen safety.  They will understand how personal health is connected to the health of the environment and the food produced from the environment. Students will learn about composting and provide compost base for the greenhouse. 
    In Grade 6, students learn the importance of herbs for  both nutrition and flavor.  The will learn of phytonutrients to their diets. They will plant and maintain herbs for the greenhouse.
    In Grade 7, students plant seeds for vegetables to be grown in the greenhouse.  They will learn how the methods of planting affect the final product of the vegetable and the nutrition of the final product.  Students will have an understanding of where food is grown, how it gets to grocery stores and why it is important to take care of the environment in which food is produced. 
    In Grade 8,  food safety and ethics is the primary focus as students handle food for preparation and plan a meal.  They will be able to plan and cook a balanced meal using product from the greenhouse.
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