• Frankford Township School District 
    Office of the Child Study Team 
    Nikki DeSouza
    School Social Worker
    ext. 215
    Donna Dole
    Learning Disability Teacher-Consultant (LDT-C)
    ext. 205
    Sonja McKenna, PhD.
    School Psychologist
    ext. 217

    The Frankford Township School offers a continuum of instruction, programs, interventions and services that respond to individual student needs.  In the event that a child with a disability requires special education and related services, the district will provide the child with a free appropriate educational program that accounts for their disability and allows for the child to make meaningful and adequate educational progress.  Children will have the opportunity to interact with, and be educated with, non disabled peers to the maximum extent appropriate.  We recognize the value of a home/school partnership and are committed to parent involvement in the education and planning of our students.