• Use this page to see "what's happening" in our classroom! This is a great way to promote communication between you and your student about what has been going on in our classroom! 
    Please check back often to see what is going on in our classroom. Pictures, notes, quotes, fun happenings, will all be posted here. It is a good way to start a discussion at the end of the day! 
    October 16: We are READING! Kindergarten has been working hard to learn our letters/sounds to help us read/write words. We have learned 6 HFW words (I, am, to, little, to, a). We are also getting ready to finalize our first piece of offical writing. We continue to work on our numbers, learning about pumpkins, and scientist tools. We also get to take turns being the teacher and teaching the calendar!
    October 4: We continue to be busy bee's in our class! We have been working on our handwriting (numerals 1-10), learning kindergarten words (I, am, the, little), and investigating apples and pumpkins. Our class has also been practicing to become better readers AND writers! You should see our work! We went on our field trip this week to Race Farms. We have also been using our senses like scientists would. Check back next week to see what we've been up to!
    Sept 24 - We've been SUPER busy in kindergarten! We are working our hardest and promise to update this more frequently, now that we're in the groove of school. We had started working our identifying our letters/sounds. Our class has also learned 4 high frequency words: I, am, the, little. We've been working on shapes (flat and solid), numbers to 5, and patterns! We have even written 2 of our own stories! Check back weekly to see how hard we have been working.